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Year 3

The Importance of Reading

Recent research shows that only 32% of British children are read to daily by an adult. Most parents stop reading to their children by the age of eight and only 19% of 8-10 year olds have a book read to them daily by an adult.  This is a tragedy! 

Naturally, we want to encourage your child to develop their love of reading independently but we hope that in Year 6 you will also enjoy reading to your child.  It is a magical and valuable time to share with your child – a time that they will soon not allow you to share! 

Please relax, be silly and use different voices for various characters, model how to read expressively and, most importantly of all, enjoy yourself.  Books that look appealing to children of this age, often have more mature themes than the cover may suggest so it is important to ensure you are comfortable with exposing your child to the topics raised. 

This shared experience will often open the door to many meaningful conversations.  Below is a range of different books of different levels and different topics that we have read and enjoyed. We hope you enjoy them! 

Do let us know how you get on and if you have any books you feel we need to read and add to our lists!