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Rainbow Fund

Our school is extremely fortunate to benefit from a highly supportive and committed parent body. Tremendous effort is shown by so many parents in all areas of school life, be it listening to readers, accompanying on class trips or planning and running hugely successful fundraising activities.

We also appreciate that many parents who wish to show their support for the school are unable to commit time to help in these ways but still have a desire to contribute to the further development of our school.

Christ Church School has an outstanding reputation and record of academic, education and pastoral support and long may this continue. Our success has been established through the dynamic skills and professionalism of our staff and the support of our parents.

In order to sustain these outstanding results, we have annually improved and adapted the school resources and facilities by means of a number of funding efforts, which include the basic educational budget from the Local Authority, Parent Staff Association (PSA) and The Rainbow Fund.

The Rainbow Fund is critical to the development of capital, building and educational projects and is distributed in response to proposals from the Headteacher. Our beautiful new library, outdoor learning space, PE Store Room and a Resources Area have all been provided through this crucial financial support from parents. The Rainbow Fund is managed by the Board of Governors, is independently audited and donations are eligible for Gift Aid, meaning that the school can benefit further through reclaiming tax already paid on the amount.

Most schools now have similar funding schemes in place and these will play an even larger role in a school’s development as the pressure increases on educational funding. Christ Church School is no different from other schools in this respect.

We are asking for your financial support, in order to activate the next chapter in Christ Church School’s vision for the future, ideally by way of a monthly standing order. This form is attached.

Your donation will genuinely make an enormous difference, not only to the current intake of children during their time at Christ Church School, but also for many generations of children to come.

Please consider supporting the Rainbow Fund. It will be very much appreciated. Thank you!