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School Council

Our School Council is a lively forum, allowing the children a network of communication throughout the school. Meetings are held every month and are chaired by our Year 6 leaders and the views of the children are incorporated into the ongoing development of the school.

Our School Council Representatives:

  • Listen to the views of pupils in the school;
  • Represent the school at meetings and functions within the school;
  • Work to make positive changes to life at Christ Church School.
  • School Council representatives hold the position for the rest of the academic year and are recognised with a special badge. 

Our School Council Members: 

Year 3: Evelyn 

Year 4: Holly & Kiran

Year 5: Simi & Harry

Year 6: Lillian, Kyra, Seb & Henry

 Student Council Forum 

On Thursday 23rd November, Lillian, Kyra, Seb & Henry (Year 6 School Councillors) attended a meeting of the Student Council Forum at the Three Rivers Council offices in Rickmansworth. The Student Council Forum brings together the school councils from local schools and enables them to work together on projects for the local area. The purpose of the meeting was to set the Forum’s focus for this year.

Following this meeting the Year 6 Councillors have worked with Mrs Booth to priortise ideas to support this for Christ Church School. They have shared this with the rest of the School Council, and then they planned and delivered the assembly to the whole school. The themes all have ideas to implement now, and some that are longer term.

Their vision includes the areas:


Litter: SHORT TERM- children to be more mindful with snacks brought into school, use fruits and recycle the food waste. Food waste bins in each classroom as well as outside. Children also to be more mindful using one paper towel after hand washing..

Litter: LONG TERM- children to be involved in litter picking in school and within the local area. Children to litter pick on the common. Possible work with the Rangers to learn more about the common.

Energy: SHORT TERM- Being more mindful to turn lights and projectors off when not in use.

LONG TERM: await details from the Governing Body about how we could provide energy into the school. Also look into more eco lighting around the school to reduce energy usage.


SHORT TERM: each class to have class plants. The children will learn about what plants make for supporting a learning environment. 

LONG TERM: Set up gardening areas in school that grow flowers, herbs and food items to enjoy and support wildlife.

What we need help with?

If you think you could help us with the following, please let us know…

  • Purchasing of more litter pickers
  • Planting and gardening equipment.
  • Possible plant donations should anyone work within the gardening sector.
  • Time to help support our gardening visions.